Jtl Jal Jaan

Explore the water GI steel pipes by JTL, the high-performance steel pipes for a smooth flow of water and savings.

Applications and Usage

JTL Jal Jaan is a product that offers high-quality water GI pipes that are suitable for various applications. These pipes are made of galvanized iron and have a smooth inner surface that ensures uninterrupted water flow. JTL Jal Jaan pipes are also resistant to corrosion, rust, and leakage, making them durable and reliable.

You can use these pipes for various purposes such as:

Water supply and distribution
From source to sink!

Deliver clean and safe water to households, industries, and public places. Transport wastewater and sewage to treatment plants or disposal sites.

Irrigation and drainage
Green and clean!

Help farmers and gardeners to irrigate their crops and plants. Drain excess water from the fields or lawns to prevent flooding or waterlogging.

Plumbing and sanitation
Comfort and hygiene!

Provide hot and cold water to bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Carry away the wastewater from sinks, showers, toilets, and washing machines.

Firefighting and sprinkler systems
Safety and Security!

Supply water to fire hydrants, hoses, and sprinklers. Activate automatically in case of fire and help to extinguish the flames.

Industrial and domestic water usage
Work and play!

Meet the water needs of various industries such as power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc. Use for domestic purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc.


Some of the features of JTL Jal Jaan pipes are:

Smooth and uninterrupted water flow

With a smooth inner surface, JTL Jal Jaan pipes ensure a consistent and efficient water flow for various applications.

Corrosion, rust, and leakage resistant

JTL Jal Jaan pipes are made of galvanized iron that protects them from corrosion, rust, and leakage, making them durable and reliable.

Versatile and flexible

JTL Jal Jaan pipes can be used for various purposes such as water supply and distribution, irrigation and drainage, plumbing and sanitation, firefighting and sprinkler systems, industrial and domestic water usage, etc. They can also be joined by various methods such as threading, flanging, grooving, or welding. They can also be bent, cut, or shaped as per the requirement of the application.

Easy to install and maintain

Being easy to install and maintain, JTL Jal Paan does not require any special tools or skills to install. They can also be easily cleaned and repaired if needed.

Clean and safe water

JTL Jal Jaan pipes ensure that the water is clean and safe for various applications. They do not contaminate or pollute the water with any harmful substances or bacteria. They also prevent the growth of algae or fungi inside the pipes.

Gl pipes are the best choice for your water needs. They offer you quality, performance, safety, and savings. These pipes are versatile and easy to install, join, and shape. Contact us now for more information.

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