Rooftop Solar System

JTL SURYA KIRAN is a rooftop solar system that enables factories and commercial buildings to harness solar energy for their power needs. JTL SURYA KIRAN  uses steel structures to mount the solar panels, which are connected to a grid-tie inverter. This way, the power generated can be used for both administrative and manufacturing purposes, reducing the dependence on the common grid.

The product is offered by JTL Industries Ltd., a company that specializes in complex steel structures, and fabricated solar panel mounting structures. JTL SURYA KIRAN  is cost-effective, as the steel structures are cheaper and more durable than aluminum ones. The product also has a long lifespan of 25 years, matching that of the solar panels. The product can be installed on any factory or commercial building on a turnkey basis.

Solar Module Mounting Structure

JTL SURYA KIRAN also offers a solar module mounting structure that supports the installation of solar PV panels on various terrains and site conditions. Manufactured by JTL Industries Ltd., now a leading company in the field of solar energy solutions, JTL SURYA KIRAN offers high quality and durability structure, which is engineered for maximum strength-to-weight ratio and constructed with optimized material. It also reduces the cost of the structure and the solar power projects, as it is produced in-house with quality control and continuous product development.

Another advantage of JTL SURYA KIRAN is its fast delivery, as it has a large manufacturing capacity that can meet the demand of the market. Moreover, it provides flexibility and adaptability of the design, which can suit virtually any terrain and site condition due to flexible pile positioning and design adaptability. JTL SURYA KIRAN is a reliable and efficient solution for solar energy generation.

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